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Today is the first day of the summer holidays (such as they are) for Sophie. It seems that she has caught on quickly to the idea that it is fun to not have school! I was allowed to remain in bed until 8 (also thanks to Mike running a little interference) but once I did get up it was time to PLAY.

It is quite hard to help a little girl "jump very high" (i.e. lift her up while she jumps) when I am still fighting off sleep, but of course Mummy's physical strength and stamina knows no bounds as far as the kid is concerned. Finally I protested, whereupon I had to be Queen Gloriana (c.f. the Emily Brown books) and role-play most of that book, and then we had to go onto the rocket ship and up into space to have adventures, and then (still in character) we had to go upstairs where there was a space party, and then right back downstairs to go back on the rocket ship and assorted sitting on laps. This was the first 45 minutes of my day, and may explain why I had to have a nap a little later...

She is also at the age where she has started to have opinions about what clothes she wears. There isn't a lot of fashion sense in there - today she wanted to wear a red/white/blue tank top with stars (think sort of July 4th theme for kids) and a brown/orange/salmon floral skirt - but I don't mind, especially since she nearly dressed herself this morning.

On summer weekdays she goes to the childminder for as long as C can keep her, more or less - today that meant playing at home until 11am and then, I'm told, quite literally bouncing on C's doorstep because she was so happy to go. She was still cheerful at pickup (we still get the super-excitement whenever one of us appears to collect her, as if she hasn't seen us for days).

But then there was a thunderstorm (seemingly) approaching, and Sophie has been a little fixated on fear of thunderstorms lately. (This weekend there were 2-3 per day that rolled through. It's been pretty unsettled.) She was near tears when I told her why we needed to hurry home, and it was quite something to listen to her talk some courage into herself - "But the thunderstorm won't come inside the house! And the raincoat will keep me safe. I'm trying my best to not be scared of the thunderstorm, Mummy." She got happier the closer to home we got (about a 5-minute walk), and by the time we were in the door had convinced herself that the thunderstorm was going to be happy to see its friends (who passed through yesterday). She did instruct me with serious concern to close the doors and windows in the house though, to keep the thunderstorm out.

All in all, one of the most cheerful Sophie-days we've had in quite a while. She got stroppy when it was time to take her bath, and when it was time for the bedtime story, but it was almost as if she'd realised that she needed to show at least a little petulance today or else her Threenager card might be revoked. I wonder if the whole summer will be like this.

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