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May 2017

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Friday evening and yesterday morning: Sophie's very first school play!

It was a pretty impressive production, all in all, with special lighting effects and smoke machines and serious costuming; the script was written by the school's music teacher, who evidently has a huge talent for good scripts that encompass all ages from 3-12. Also, being a Montessori school (I guess), the kids who were playing Roman soldiers formed up in a proper tortoise formation (more or less)! The historian in me was delighted.

Sophie's kindergarten class (ages 3-6) played a village of Smurfs, and sang the Smurf part of the Father Abraham Smurf song, which I'd never heard before but was apparently a huge hit all over Europe when it came out.

Sophie has been cheerfully singing the refrain of this song for weeks, and I'm told that in the rehearsals she danced her little heart out. Once there was a proper audience, she was evidently fascinated / overawed enough to forget to sing or dance for the most part, but she went straight to center stage in order to have a good look at everything. Since she was also the tiniest Smurf (she is the youngest in the class, plus just about all the other younger kids declined to participate in the end) she got a very big 'awwww!' from the audience.

Here she is, ecstatic over her costume; and with another girl from her class. (If you follow me on Facebook, I'm still on my FB sabbatical but I know Mike tagged me in his photo of Sophie center stage during the performance, so you can see it there.)

I've now had two of her three teachers bend my ear a little about how musical Sophie is - she loves to dance, she finds the beat, she sings in tune pretty darn well for a 3-year-old, and she picks up new songs shockingly quickly. Also, I'm told that most objects in the classroom are either trumpets, guitars, saxophones, violins, flutes, or microphones, just as they are at home. I've also had a report from the child minder that the music teacher bent *her* ear about how musical Sophie is, so I suspect it's just a matter of time (and maybe a shorter time than we think) until she's in some sort of formal lesson. I just want to be very sure not to push her, as I have the feeling that her interest could disengage pretty quickly at this age if she senses pressure...

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