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Tantrum-free day! (Which possibly means all hell will break loose tomorrow.)

Woke up on time or maybe a little early today, not sure. We had to be vaguely presentable for an electrician turning up at 7:30. His presence more or less guaranteed that Sophie would be cheerful, since she thinks strangers are interesting and great fun. Shortly before 8 he had to kill all electricity in the house, so Mike let Sophie play with a small torch and I stuck my fingers in the beam pretending that it was the Big Bad Mouse. Much fun was had by all. I thought getting her to leave the house might be a struggle but it wasn't - Mike got her ready while I got myself together, she left the flashlight behind without comment, and then the Mouse was coming so we had to run all the way to the gruffalo cave i.e. the tram stop. Once there she began to scratch her head (like the Gruffalo at one point) and then she needed to 'be a bit less brave' like at the end of the story and lie down and pretend to sleep. Ooo-kay. This game persisted all the way to school, where she proudly told someone else's mother that she was scratching her head and that the Big Bad Mouse was after her!

Montessori school being what it is, they prefer for the parents to wait outside the cloakroom while the kids go take off coats & shoes all by themselves. Given that Sophie still can't undo her own buttons, has trouble with her shoes, and the shelf with her backpack is too high for her to reach, I just go in to help her still. Today at least she was persuaded to hang up her coat on the hook rather than just leaving it on the floor, so I guess that's progress toward independence!

Childcare cover for lunchtime needed to be provided by Daddy today, who took her to lunch at the office. I'm told she had great fun bossing him around and eating all his salmon as well as hers. The only tears I'm aware of today were when he dropped her off with C, presumably because she was tired and didn't want Daddy to have to go.

Pickup (5:30) was fine - I brought the scooter again and she was thoroughly cheerful and pleased with herself for riding it. Once home she wanted little more than to watch videos or TV, but perked up for a little while playing with a stack of CD blanks and their case. It looked like a very Montessori thing actually, dumping them out then painstakingly putting them back in, over and over.

No problems at bedtime either - she wanted to watch a new and different (and shorter) show, and neither bedtime story had Gruffalo in the title. Then again, she was out of bed three times after lights out, wanting more snuggling, which is pretty unusual. We'll see how she sleeps.
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