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May 2017

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Someone had a lie-in this morning - Mike woke me at 7:15, and Sophie was still asleep. He finally had to wake her up a few minutes later. The plan had been for me to take her in, which meant leaving by 8 rather than by 8:10, but it just wasn't possible to get Sophie ready to go that quickly so Mike took her instead. Even with the extra few minutes, she had a tantrum because she wanted to stay home instead of going to school. Unsurprising I suppose but a little frustrating, since her readiness to move on to 'getting out the door' has always been fairly unpredictable. She calmed down by 8:20 or so, and they got to school more or less on time. But my last view this morning was of a screaming Sophie being carried down the driveway.

Given previous troubles, C had arranged with me that she would meet me with Sophie on the stairwell outside her door, to minimise handover time and potential for distraction objects that lead to tantrums. This almost didn't work, because Sophie thought of something inside C's house that she wanted to play with anyway, but as backup I had brought her scooter to entice her outside and this worked a treat. She rode the scooter the whole way home, demanding to be allowed to cross one side street 'all by self' but letting me guide her across the bigger ones. I was half expecting a demand to be allowed to ride the scooter some more, and I was ready to give her a few minutes in the driveway, but she chose to come inside and put away the scooter right away. On the way home she was telling me about her day - she ate food at school, and saw a boy being Mr. Maker on the TV (not sure what that was about) and she slept, and when she woke up she played the guitar with C, but then C said they had to stop because Mummy was coming, and then Mummy came! (At which point she stepped off the scooter to give me a hug.)

Once home, she had hot juice and a banana to eat, then wanted to play with my computer, then wanted me to show her videos (meaning primarily videos of herself off of Daddy's FB account.) The videos thing is a little annoying because she has no sense of moderation, but eventually was persuaded into the bath. Actually she came into the bathroom bearing some document storage contraption of Mike's, proceeded to empty it out methodically and then told me to Wait! while she put everything back in, and then ran back to the living room and put it away, and only then was ready to get in the bath.

Gruffalo's Child for bedtime TV, Gruffalo's Child for bedtime story. And she didn't even want a second story, but she did need some persuading to stay in her bed. Overall a pleasanter evening than I'd dared to hope for.

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