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7:00 or so - woke up. Somehow ended up with a bunch of Daddy's race medals around her neck.

8:00 or so - wanted TV, didn't get TV, got mad and went hunting for dummies

9:00 or so - we read some stories, and then got ready to go out to the play area. Her mood was a little tough but not totally unreasonable, heading out the door.

10:00 - Left for play area. She preferred to walk and seemed cheerful to get out. Insisted on bringing the race medals, which stayed on under her coat.

10:15 - Had most of a ham & cheese croissant, and multivitamin juice, at Starbucks. Reasonably cheerful the whole time.

11:00-13:00 - Spent two hours in the play area. It was fine. We hear there was dancing in the kitchen.

13:20 - Got home, fed her roast chicken from Coop.

13:50 - By now she was pretty tired so I did her naptime routine, but she didn't want to go to sleep so I called it quiet time. She refused to stay for very long in her room, constantly coming to find me, dummies in mouth, fairly clearly avoiding sleep.

14:50 or so - Start of an extended screaming match during which she threw her dummies away and then was inconsolable without them for a very long time.

15:15 - Upstairs with Daddy (still screaming), eventually calms down, downs a whole lot of juice.

15:30 - We give the dummies back and made her have a nap given her clear exhaustion and upset.

17:15 or so - Wakes up. Still a little crotchety when she woke up but gave up her dummies without difficulty.

I was already starting to prepare dinner when she woke, and continued. Upset ensued when I made her stop destroying a doorframe liner, and she didn't want to eat much of anything (peanut butter sandwich, juice, a couple of pieces of chicken, no proper dinner.) Sat in my lap as I ate and good cheer returned.

The rest of the evening was spent watching 'Gruffalo's Child', reading 'Gruffalo's Child', pretending to be the Big Bad Mouse, generally perky.

19:30 or so - Bedtime routine starts when she finds a dummy in her bed. She chooses to watch 'Gruffalo's Child' again as the evening story. Bedtime generally without resistance apart from visit to parents' bed.
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